Useful WebRTC sites

Connect directly

WebRTC is a relatively recent web technology found in Chrome, Firefox & Opera that allows direct peer to peer communication between browsers.

It's still fairly unknown by most, so I thought I'd do a bit of a roundup of sites I'm familiar with.

The two big use cases for me are video/audio chat and file transfer, so we'll address them separately:

Video chat

Not having to install a program or browser plugin is the main advantage to WebRTC based video chat. The functionality is similar on most sites and involves generating a unique URL to send to your participants.

A few have screen sharing functionality.

Here are the ones that I know of:

File transfer

Sending files directly makes sense when they get large enough. Skip the middlemen (dropbox, gdrive, email) and send the data directly to your destination.

  • Sharefest - Been around for a while, with straightforward direct file-sharing
  • - Recently launched site with similar functionality to Sharefest
  • ShareDrop - Launched as LAN only file-sharing, but now can handle remote connections
  • Secretly Meet - Has file sharing, but the focus is on private chat/communication
  • - Location based file-sharing

Unfortunately as far as I know there isn't a site that allows both video chat and file transfer at the same time yet, but that is functionality I'm eagerly awaiting. As a webdev it would be useful to be able to conduct a video chat meeting and be able to share screenshots or site assets all in one place. For now though you can pick a favourite from each list above and use them separately.

If you know of any more, please send them to me.