Download google takeout archive with aria2

Download large files with a download manager

When downloading a google takeout archive recently I ran into the bug that causes it to error at 99%. When you're downloading 10+ gigs, that's an annoying problem.

The solution was to use a download manager that allows continuation of downloads. My preference is aria2.

I used chrome, so that's the process I'll describe.

  • Open up the Developer Tools, then click the download link.
  • View the Network tab and identify the request, likely it will come from a subdomain.
  • Right click the request and Copy request location.
  • Click on the Headers tab and in the Request Headers section, locate the line beginning with Cookie:.

Combine all of the information you now have into a download command with aria2 like so:

 aria2c -o export.mbox -c --header="Cookie: AUTH_e2e0q...etc" long-request-url-goes-here

That should do it, and if all goes well it will download completely.