List Your Fears

Stress is a part of life, but not a fun one.

One simple tip I’ve come up with is to write everything down that you’re anxious about in a list. For me this is a Google Keep list, but it can be in any format that you can add to and cross things off of.

The list will serve three functions:

  1. A place to write your fears down to try to get them out of your head. Freeing you (ideally) from the mental load of keeping it your mind.
  2. A place to review. If you’re feeling anxious, but can’t determine why, try consulting the list. For me identifying the underlying cause instead of having an ambiguous feeling is helpful.
  3. When you’re reviewing your list, cross off items that are no longer relevant or you no longer fear. Over time this will accumulate a greater number of past fears than current ones.

For me point 3. is the most valuable. Having kept up this list for over 3 years has allowed me to gain perspective on the many many things that were dire or nerve-wracking at the time, but are the distant past now.

Everything still on my list will be crossed off in time.