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  • List Your Fears

    Stress is a part of life, but not a fun one. One simple tip I’ve come up with is to write everything down that you’re anxious about in a list. For me this is a Google Keep list, but it can be in any format that you can add to and cross things off of. […]

  • Use emojis as cursors

    I’ve built a simple tool that generates the CSS required to use emojis as cursors. https://www.emojicursor.app/ Doesn’t this exist already? Sort of. Other solutions currently out there are either using: There are pros and cons to both. Pre-generated image files are the most consistent and have the largest cross browser support, but they require more […]

  • Share Your Passwords

    Have a plan in place Over the past few years I’ve recognized time and again that with the exhausting number of accounts I have with various companies, closing them down and managing them after my death or incapacitation would be a large burden on my family. I’ve been searching for a solution I was comfortable […]