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  • WPML: Translating the Site Logo

    I’m assuming you’re using WordPress Full Site Editing and have a Site Logo in your default language template. This may work for older WordPress templates, but I haven’t tested. First step is to upload your new logo to the media library. Take note of the ID of the Logo in the media library. Hover over…

  • WPML: Translating blocks that aren’t translatable

    A follow up to yesterday’s post: Getwid-Megamenu WPML I ran into an issue that the Previous & Next buttons in my single-post template were not translatable in WPML. The first step was to take a look at the HTML for the block from the editor: We can see that the text we want to translate…

  • WPML: Getwid-Megamenu

    If you’re using getwid-megamenu (as of 2024-04-18) and WPML you’ll want to either add a wpml-config.xml file to your theme, or in WPML->Settings->Custom XML Configuration add this to make the main mega menu items translatable. This technique can be used for any block that isn’t already translatable. With all of the configuration options here: https://wpml.org/documentation/support/language-configuration-files/make-custom-gutenberg-blocks-translatable/