TTRPG Crowdfunding in the Fediverse

I built a small tool for myself to monitor crowdfunding posts about TTRPGs on Mastodon/Fediverse:

Basically I wanted all posts about #kickstarter, #crowdfunding, #indiegogo, #backerkit etc that also included the tag #ttrpg.

This site lets you specify your tags to combine with #ttrpg in the options, specify the number of posts (per tag), and then set which server to query.

These are then grouped and sorted into a chronological list. It seems exceedingly possible that there is an easier way to do this with the Mastodon API, but I didn’t find it. So separate queries for each tag and then merged together.

Everything happens client-side, so it’s your browser connecting to the server and then displaying the posts.

I kept the whole thing as simple as possible. Built with AlpineJS, nested css, and the new popover functionality so only really usable in up to date browsers. All of the code (except the AlpineJS script) is visible by viewing the page source.

Without too much effort it could be genericized to be used to follow a different topic.

It’s pretty much done for my purposes, but if there’s little changes that would be useful, feel free @ me on mastodon and I’ll see what I can do. Or copy the HTML and fork away. There’s nothing special in the code and it’s CC0 licensed. If you do that, I’d simply appreciate being sent the link.