Random web developer thoughts from Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Ecommerce: Where to Start

    This post is particularly written from the perspective to help my local community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but I believe much of what I recommend will work for other regions. This article is for a business owner that currently does not offer any form of e-commerce, but now due to COVID-19 would like to start. […]

  • WordPress Launch List

    Let’s discuss what it takes to launch a typical WordPress site. For this example we’ll assume you have a development site up and running that is now complete and ready to go live. We’ll also assume that you’re not using any fancy deployment process and instead you’ll be launching on a fairly typical shared WordPress […]

  • List Your Fears

    Stress is a part of life, but not a fun one. One simple tip I’ve come up with is to write everything down that you’re anxious about in a list. For me this is a Google Keep list, but it can be in any format that you can add to and cross things off of. […]

  • Now on Netlify

    Update: 2023 – I still recommend netlify, but I’ve since moved this site off of there. It’s now WordPress on Cloudways. There will likely be a future post on why. This site is now on Netlify. I had previously been maintaining a 6+ year old digital ocean droplet to host this site. But over time […]

  • Use emojis as cursors

    I’ve built a simple tool that generates the CSS required to use emojis as cursors. https://www.emojicursor.app/ Doesn’t this exist already? Sort of. Other solutions currently out there are either using: There are pros and cons to both. Pre-generated image files are the most consistent and have the largest cross browser support, but they require more […]

  • Share Your Passwords

    Have a plan in place Over the past few years I’ve recognized time and again that with the exhausting number of accounts I have with various companies, closing them down and managing them after my death or incapacitation would be a large burden on my family. I’ve been searching for a solution I was comfortable […]

  • Use SVG Now

    Start using SVG on your new web projects High resolution retina displays are only going to increase in popularity, but right now most current sites look pretty bad/blurry on them. While a perfect solution to photos hasn’t been discovered yet, we can now handle our other image needs fairly well. Thomas Fuchs created a great […]