Now on Netlify

Update: 2023 – I’ve since moved this site off of netlify. It’s now WordPress on Cloudways.

This site is now on Netlify.

I had previously been maintaining a 6+ year old digital ocean droplet to host this site. But over time I’ve become more and more concerned with the fact that I had left it’s security pretty much unattended. I did have a cron job running updates, and limited the site to hosting this static jekyll site, but still couldn’t shake the unease.

I’ve been a big fan of Netlify and their services for a little while and had already used a Hugo and Netlify combination to host my business site at

So switching this site over to the same technology stack was a no brainer. Saving the $5USD that the droplet was costing me was a great side benefit too. The speed at which Hugo can generate pages is so worth the little bit extra effort it takes to get things customized.

I’m not even scratching the surface of what Netlify can do right now, just dipping my toe in with their commandline deployment method.

I just need to spend some time looking into their CMS option and it could be a great solution for some of my clients.